Process Improvement Planner (PIP)*

PIP is optimization modeling based decision tool that helps the management of a large process industry to prioritize and allocate process improvement investment among one or multiple plants/facilities. PIP selects the best mix of improvement actions – from a long list of technology replacement, technology retrofit, fuel change, energy efficiency and O&M improvement options – that increase total process efficiency by maximum amount.

Outputs/Decision variables

PIP’s core model is a multi-period mixed integer program that can calculate the optimum mix of following improvement options across various operational stages and facilities:

  • Technology (capital) replacement with more efficient options
  • New technology installation
  • Minor retrofit (upgrade) of existing technology
  • Energy efficiency improvement intervention
  • Fuel (energy) change to improve heat value
  • Raw material change to improve utilization
  • Improved operations & maintenance practice


  • Maximize total process material efficiency
  • Maximize total energy efficiency
  • Control improvement budget
  • Meet emission reduction target for several gases including greenhouse gases

Questions PIP can help answer

  • What is investment plan that improves total energy and material efficiency to the maximum, given an improvement budget in a year?
  • How to prioritize such investment among numerous options and multiple facilities for improvement?
  • How to time phase such improvement investments over sever quarters or years?
  • What is investment plan that improves total energy and material efficiency and simultaneously reduces greenhouse gas emissions?

*This product is under development