IGSA Lab’s Products

At IGSA Labs, products are developed keeping in mind typical scenarios at the client’s business end. This perspective helps in adding utilitarian value to all IGSA products. Our strength lies in the in-depth analysis of real-life data, ability to provide Decision Support Systems (DSS), and adaptability to customize our products to fulfill client’s requirements. This is unlike most other Business Intelligence (BI) tools that can only interpret or predict trends.

A brief description of IGSA Lab’s product line-up:

Manufacturing and Logistics Planner (MLP) – Plans on key areas of production, logistics and procurement; calculates the ideal (optimal) facilities allocation, mix of production , supplier-items and route- modes, end-of-period stocks; identifies the bottlenecks involved in manufacturing and logistics and sorts them out by prioritizing; permits quick scenario analysis to mitigates risks in case of unexpected events.

You are welcome to avail the free trial opportunity to test the MLP package for your business

Facilities Installation Planner (FIP) – Plans the design of new facilities or the expansion /consolidation of existing facilities in a supply chain; reveals the optimal capacity-location-technology choices for multiple plants, production lines within plants, warehouses, depots, suppliers and markets. Ideal for (i) large businesses that produce multiple products from multiple plants and/or transport products via warehouses to markets, and (ii) governmental and policy making agencies to plan long term capacity investments in infrastructure and industry.

Route Mode Planner (RMP) – Equipped with Geographical Information Systems (GIS), this tool identifies the shortest and least expensive routes between a set of origin-destination (o-d) points; addresses practical issues such as cross-border transportation tax; analyzes the sensitivity of cost of mode-switching, creation of a new mode-link or closure of an existing mode-link, towards the decision of the proposed routing network.

Stocking and Ordering Planner (SOP) – Forecasts SKU level demands; Plans the optimal inventory stocking, ordering and replenishment of SKUs simultaneously for up to two echelons (e.g. distributors and depots) in a varying timeframe; aids decision making on ‘ordering of quantities’, ‘safety stocks’, ‘reorder points’, and is capable of dynamic adjustment of norms.

Process Improvement Planner (PIP) – Plans the optimal allocation (prioritization) of investments among many options for improvement of an industrial process like specific technology upgrades, energy efficiency measures, material efficiency measures, new technology installations, and replacement of source or grade of material or energy inputs; Plans such improvement investments simultaneously across multiple facilities.

Transport Router and Scheduler(TRS) - Operability at the level of both, local distribution and international logistics; plans the product-mix, timing, routing, feasibility of routes, re-routing of fleet in case of a contingency; maximizes utilization of fleet under constraints;schedules dispatch timings to meet delivery deadlines; minimizes total transport costs.

Key features of our products:

  • Standalone / Web based / Commercial / Academic versions of all products.
  • Seamless integration with an existing database or ERP application.
  • Standard reporting structure using Tables, Charts and GIS maps.
  • Automated sensitivity analysis of “what-if” scenarios.
  • Custom modeling of special and strategic concerns.
  • Variance reports to compare optimal vs. actual conditions