Transport Router and Scheduler (TRS)*

TRS has two modules:

  • TRS - Distribution
  • TRS - International Logistics

TRS-Distribution is a heuristic based tool that is useful for a local distributor to schedule loading, dispatching and routing of a limited fleet of vehicles (trucks) from a single or multiple loading points to multiple delivery points.

TRS-International Logistics is a heuristic based tool that is useful for a large international 3PL or manufacturing firm to select a feasible and least cost transportation route, services on different legs/lanes, and product combination and packing arrangement.

Outputs/Decision variables

TRS-Distribution: For a single or multiple loading points, multiple products, given number and sizes of trucks, and multiple delivery points, this tool simultaneously decides the following

  • Timing of dispatch of each truck
  • Product-mix loading of each truck
  • Routing and unloading (delivery) sequence of each truck
  • Re-dispatch and routing of a returned truck
  • Re-routing of a truck in case of a contingency

TRS-International Logistics: For a given set of orders over a given time horizon, possible routes, legs, modes and services, and various constraints of customers and service providers, this tool recommends

  • A set of feasible routes, services on each leg/lane, and time and cost performance of each option
  • The least cost and desired time option from the feasible set
  • Re-routing option(s) in case of a contingency


  • TRS-Distribution: Meet delivery time deadlines while maximizing utilization of trucks and transport cost
  • TRS-International Logistics: Minimize total cost at desired time performance and satisfaction of all practical constraints

*This product is under development