About Us

Why us?


Our focus is on Decision Support Systems and Analytics solution. In most client situations, it is our endeavour to ensure that the focus is on getting the intelligence out of a set of information/data and on getting sufficient time for the Client’s management to interpret and take good decisions based on the intelligence from our analysis.


Our Modular construction of the product allows standalone implementation of the relevant modules as per the customer requirements. This ensures that the implementation cost is controlled. For more comprehensive implementation, the modules can be integrated.

For example, in a Medium term planning situation using MLP, the following could be the modules that can be implemented.

  • Inbound Logistics Module
  • Production Module
  • Outbound Logistics Module

Fast Implementation

Our products are simple to implement and configure, and the software design has been kept basic and simple. At the same time, the emphasis is on ensuring that the mathematical model is comprehensive, reflective of real life and robust. The simplicity allows quick implementation of the product.

Our Service Model and ASP Model are further steps wherein both the cost of implementation and time to implement is reduced significantly.


We can use Oracle as a backend but we also give the flexibility so that data can be ported to other databases. We use simple input data interface which can be linked with ERP or SCM system. Here again, our focus is to simplify the issue of data portability and use standard file formats to allow ease of portability.

Simple User Interface

We use Web based/J2EE technology for creating simple user interface. Our products can integrate with Java based reporting tools. We would also like to extensively use Excel as a basis of much of the reporting as it allows Clients further simple analysis of the output data from our end.